I’ll stand here
and you’ll wait.

I won’t stay and
you won’t ask.

You’ll leave
but leave

a hand on
my waist.


The Heat

Gimme another
and maybe
it will go down.
My head
can’t take it
any more than
my stomach
but that won’t
stop you
from giving it
all you’ve got.
Gimme another
and I promise
I’ll fake it
so you’ll just
leave me be.


Stay Awhile

After I’d closed
my eyes last night,
I could have sworn
I felt you sit
on the edge
of the bed.

I didn’t open
my eyes.
I didn’t even trace
my palm across
the well worn path.

I just smiled.
And fell asleep to
the imagined sound
of you taking off
your boots.


In Spite



And it gets harder

and harder

not to

see you


and it’s almost sad


because I know

you think

you’re trying

so much harder.


I liked it better

and it was easier


when you didn’t

try at all


when you

told yourself

it was all

for me


but never

told me

a thing.




There’s a word for
how I feel when
I’ve got you
under my

but I think it’s
so old that
it’s lost.

I like
what I do
with you.
And how.
And why.