One for romance.
One for understanding.
One for amusement.

And maybe

all of those
in one.



It’s not so much
a secret as a
hidden talent,
kept from me
as well as the
world at large.

I forget all
about it until
the moment comes
where denial
is impossible.

They all love me
for it and I need
to start remembering
where the power lies
and how best to deploy it.

I need to remember
I have it and that
they give it
to me willingly

every single time
they turn to putty
in my hands.
I forget I have anything at all until it’s impossible to deny that not only have I always had it, I’ve still got it.



He can
fall asleep
beside me

and that
more than
anything else

makes this
worth all
the fear.
~ 6/25/18

He snores, at that. It’s adorable.

I have a few markers, I deploy on the rare occasions they’re called for. Any person comfortable enough to fall asleep next to you is a good egg.



Just try

To take

The women

I’ve loved

From me.

~ 6/12/18


Was lucky enough to attend a Pride flag raising at City Hall yesterday, and it was just such a wonderful thing to have done and I was feeling all the feels about it, and so many people said how glad they were I was there, and there’s nothing like being seen.

Inevitably, however, I come around to feeling like a fraud. Which is dumb. Just because I’m not actively dating a woman right now doesn’t mean, in my head, I haven’t already decided old-age-rocking-chairs is gonna be me and my best gal…



Sure, it might
be comfortable.

But more than
that, it’s comforting.

You have left marks
on me that I could
trace through the years.

A road map
of fear, of
sadness and
breaking things
to heal them.

And sure, now,
it might be

But most of all,
it’s comforting.

You’re always going to feel like coming home.


New Vantage Point

Climb out
on the fire escape

stretch your arm back

outstretched palm

to help me through
the window.

I’ll wonder if
this really happened.

I’ll play with
the fire.


The Single Lady

I’m the
empty half.

I’m good
at it.

I find things

and hobbies

to fill up
the rest

for a bit

I’ll never
find me

as singular
as you do.

I suppose
it makes
it easier.

And it’s not
your problem.

It’s my problem.

I know that.

Is it a problem?

Most days,
it’s not.

But the
soft smile
on your face

when you
don’t see me
seeing you.

I want that
in my life.