Tonight the Light

“I don’t care,”
he said,
and I laughed.

He’d been drinking.

“About what?”
I said,

but you.”



You probably don’t
appreciate the way
I talk about you with
such irrevocability.

But some things change.



I told them
you’d call.

Everyone was
so worried and
I ran out of fears
for you so long ago.

I promised them
you’d call.

Every day you don’t
seems longer
than the last time
you didn’t but
I knew that
you would.

You don’t
look good.
You sound
even worse.

But you called.


Another Year

I remember everything.

It happened askew.
Out of order and at
the wrong time.

That you were gone.
And then you weren’t.
Everything was different
but nothing had changed.

I remember everything.

It feels like forever
but it’s been
no time at all.

It falls out of context.
There was never a time
that wasn’t you and me.

I remember everything.

My surprise at
your attention.
The ferocity of
my belief.

All the things
I wish I didn’t.
Every moment
we can’t take back.

I remember everything.

When something has been what it has been for long enough, you take it for granted in the sense that time gets away from you. And then you flip to March in the calendar and you realize something is coming and you feel like one more reminder will bury you.


Accidental Storyteller

When asked to
describe myself
I wanted to say


but it didn’t
feel write.

I am
an accidental

and I do
the best
I can.
I’ve been thinking about this poem in my head all day. Spit it out onto the page and only after rereading it did I notice the spelling error. But then I realized it’s perfect.