I am sorry
I didn’t wake you up
this morning.
I am sorry
that I convinced you
to come home to
your family.
I am sorry
I gave you
a place to live.
I am sorry
that the information
I gave you was secondhand
and that instead of hiding
anything from you
I gave you all I knew.
I am sorry
that I believed you to be
the kind of man who listens
when I am talking to you.
I am sorry
you don’t have
the respect you deserve
from this family and
this country after
everything you have
suffered to protect it.
I am sorry
that my comments
about requiring heavy meds
don’t come across
with enough grains of truth
to be met with concern
once in awhile.
I am sorry
this small life
I lead
in this
small town
I love
isn’t strong enough
for you to recognize.
I am sorry
I ever said
at all.
It’s been you and me against the rest all of our lives.
I don’t know when I became them and us became just you, standing there, all alone.


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