In 2017:


Don’t finish the books you don’t like and don’t read a book just to say you’ve read one.

For that matter, read the Complete Works of Shakespeare if you want to, and don’t let anyone laugh at you or prophesy your failure. And even if you do fail, who exactly are you letting down? Billy isn’t going to mind.

Don’t let your stomach do flips every time you get a text message, especially since, more often than not, they are from your boss or a receipt from the coffee you spent too much on.

Don’t waste your time wondering why you don’t get to be that girl, because the kind of girl who fixates on that kind of thing is the girl who doesn’t get to do much else in life.

Put the day to bed early if it isn’t going your way. Say no to this board seat and that one because hey, it’s your life. Remember that no one cares nearly as much as you do when you say no, with one glaring outlier.

Remember that sitting at your desk with your hand on your heart holding back tears muttering

“You’re gonna be ok. You’re gonna be ok. You’re gonna be ok”

is a perfectly good use of your time.

Whatever you do, don’t get complacent. Don’t forget that you are your own worst enemy. So say the thing you’re thinking. See that thought process through. Don’t you dare settle for less than what you deserve even though you’ve spent most of your life assuming you deserve less than the pittance you’ve got.

Be that girl if you want to, but only if you want to, and not because everyone else decides that’s all you get to be.

Remember it isn’t all your fault you’re so scary, and for that matter, don’t ever forget why you are that way.

Scream, if it helps. Even standing in the middle of the room, you come off forgettable, so just dig in your heels and wail for awhile.

You’ll feel better.

And maybe someone will finally see you.



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