I Guess It’s Not Me

It’s not me,
it’s you.

I’ve spent more time than
I should readily admit
trying to figure out
what it is I’m lacking
and why we keep waiting.

But it’s not me.
It’s you.

I didn’t know a man
was capable of so
little self respect
but once I learned it
any respect I had
for you is gone.

So if you don’t
respect yourself

and I don’t
respect you

and you’ve proven
you can’t comprehend
what it means to
respect me

I only have
one thing
left to say:

I wanted it to be you.
More than I should
readily admit.

But I guess
it’s not me.
It’s you.


Hey guys, sorry, I have no excuse and believe me it’s been horrible not having had anything worth writing about in a month. Hopefully I’m back to normal. Also, Trump voters, amiright?


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