Take deep breaths.
For at least ten minutes.
Every day.
Around 5:30.

Answer the phone
when it rings
if you want to
but only
if you want to
and don’t feel bad
when you do
or you don’t.

Offer your help
or your hand
or whatever
and don’t take it
personally when
you are rebuffed.

Remember it’s
the ask that matters
and there’s only
one person you have
control over and that
one person is you.

Tell him you love him.

Tell her she’s wrong.

Tell them to stop it.

Tell yourself you’re fine.
Over and over again
tell yourself you’re fine.

Work on not crying
when you do.

Go where
your feet
take you.

Forget where you are
coming from and
don’t even think
about where you
are going just
face yourself
toward the sun
and start walking.


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