Complete Failure

I’m a complete failure.

The more understanding
portion of the world is
always telling you to
give yourself a break.
That you are doing
the best that you can.

And that may be true
for some, or even most.
But it is not true of me.

I’m a complete failure.

I fail where many succeed
because I am always running
away from my troubles
instead of facing them.

I avoid conflict
as well as any
opportunity for
forward motion
in exchange for
crippling fear
and self doubt.

I’m a complete failure.

And the funniest part
of it all is that I don’t
really know why.

Or rather, I do
but do not do
anything to
change my

I am afraid.

I am

I am afraid
of everything.

Most of all
I am afraid
of who I
would be
if I weren’t
always afraid.

Of who I would be
if I were not a
complete failure.


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