Tell Me Again

Tell me again
how I’m not
like them.

I can’t explain
how much it
means to me.

I never knew
how badly
I needed it.

Until you set your
shoulders squarely
and proved me wrong.
I am so sorry. To you, dear reader, but mostly for myself. I went on a little vacation at the beginning of the month, and it was really superb. And there’s been a mix of good and bad, as life comes, since then – and I will randomly remind myself that I haven’t written anything lately. It hurts more than any words I can come up with would ever do justice to. But I’ll try. I might end up inundating the blog with poems today. At least, I hope so. I feel the need to write deep in my bones, but don’t hear any words coming from those depths at the present moment. Wish me luck.


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