I want to have an argument.
Complete silence up against
the avalanche of words
that you can’t stop even if
it was something you wanted.

If you could find a way
to open up wide enough
to bury me in them
I would die satisfied.

I’ll be calm.
You be complicated.

When I think about you
I think about deep quiet.
Knowing I don’t have
to say anything.
Not wanting to.
But then you,
The avalanche that
can’t stop once
it starts.

Maybe someday
I can convince you
that what you have
to say is important.
And that the more
you say it the better
your life will be in
every possible way.
And once you let go
and admit the shame
of it and the pain it
causes then you will
take away its power.

I could argue that
there are so many
different things to
be afraid of in
this life and
I will not stop.

With complete silence.

A thoughtful look
on my face.

And faith.


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