We Are

Can I thank you
for existing when
I should probably
spend more time
wishing you had
never been born?

Or at least that
we had never met?

But you do.
And you have.
And we did.

So thank you.
Since you’re here
you might as well know
that I like being with you
because I understand better
exactly who it is that I am.

You don’t do that.

It is not because of
any specific action
on your part but
I see her better,
when I look
in your eyes.

So thank you
for existing
even though
so much about
my life would be
easier had you
never been born.

Or at least if your
gaze had not
landed on me
that first time
I looked into
your eyes.

But it did.
And you were.
And we are.


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