What Do I Know

Short sighted.

You can try
to throw
those words
at me if it
makes you
feel better.

But the truth is
I’m highly motivated.
My priorities are
chiseled into stone.
They are not
the same as yours.
And if you ever bothered
to ask my opinion I would
tell you that they aren’t
supposed to be.

I think that’s the point.

My generation demands
a return on our investment
and we won’t do what you
have always done just
because you have
always done it.

I may be spoiled
but really that
is on you just
as much as me.

You can call
me ungrateful
and I will try
not to let you
see me cry or
know how sad
and misunderstood
that makes me feel.

But I’m not shortsighted.
I just don’t see things
the way that you do.
And I think that should
make you proud.

But what do I know…


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