Best News I’ve Heard All Year

I want to make soup
but it’s so hot out
that I find myself
sweating on the way
toward the Farmers Market
and December must be
throwing us for a loop
but I can’t say that I mind.

It’s been a hot one,
this year has.
No reason that it
shouldn’t end in flames
to reflect the heat
bouncing from
body to body and
through the air.

Everything is new
and yet somehow
everything is still
exactly the same
and for the first
time in my memory
I actually think
that’s the best news
I’ve heard all year.
So much has happened this year, when you stop to think about it. Janos finally made his appearance. Jose finally proposed. Erica finally moved to town. Love is in the air and it’s gross and I love it and I’m so happy for my family.


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