I do the wrong thing
for the right reasons
and I will do it
again and again
and again before
the reality of the
situation comes
to take it all
away from me.


We always
wind up here.
If alternate realities
exist out there
I see us.
I know that
in the end we end up
together somehow.

Whether it is
throwing pots
across the room
in anger or getting
thrown over shoulders
and dragged playfully
into bedrooms or
slamming doors
that will open
eventually as soon
as you’ve learned
your lesson at last.

You have these moments
of clarity sometimes and
I can see that you finally
see what I’ve been trying
to show you all along and
it always breaks my heart
all over again every time
because it is too late for us
in this reality but I know,
somewhere out there,
we’re making it work.


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