Now It Can Be About Me

I said, “Let’s run away.”

The underlying theme to
our star crossed love affair,
repeated over a span
of years that now seem
to run together and yet
I’ve never meant it more
than I do in this moment,
head rested on your chest
and your fingers in my hair.

We have walked
hand in hand together
often over the years,
but we were never
in step with each other
and I always thought
I was the only one
to notice that.

But of all the responses
you have given me
to this command that
does not result in any
action on our parts,
I never expected to be frozen –
hand suspended in the air
on it’s way to deliver whatever
comfort I am capable of –
when you responded with,
“It’s time that I stopped running.”

And I wonder
where you will go
now that you know
where you shouldn’t
and whether or not
I will be holding
your hand when
you arrive there.


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