Commit To The Cheese

Maybe you think
she’s not afraid
of you and that
is why you attack
her so vehemently.

But I have stood
shoulder to shoulder
with her and we have
walked through the
fire together and
let me tell you we
are very, very afraid.

But what scares us
more than anything
is the idea that this
kind of thing will
continue unabated
despite our best efforts
to put an end to it all.

Maybe you think
we aren’t afraid
and that’s why
you think it is
acceptable to
attack us so
and so often.

I think that was
your miscalculation.
All women have
a limit to how much
they can put up with
before they set
the world on fire.
Dedicated to a dear friend who is still fighting the good fight, long after we thought we’d hung up our boxing gloves.


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