I am surrounded
by thinkers.
And I don’t want
to think anymore.

I don’t want to
work through
this problem
by going over
every detail
of it until the
trees become
a dense forest
to get lost in.

I don’t want to be
lost anymore.

I want to be found.

I find myself in
any number of
sticky situations
and I am done
bumbling my way
out of them.

You want to
block my path?
I’ll step on your foot.

You want to talk
around this problem?
I’ll get in your face.

You want to vacillate
over your next move?
I’ll take hold of your shoulder.

And I will push you

in whatever direction

I decide

I want to go.

You don’t have
to come with me
if you don’t want to.

But I will leave you
standing on the crossroads
knowing full well what it is
you are leaving behind
by my hurried footprints
and the view you are
treated to as
I walk away.


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