I Don’t Want To Wait To Text You

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Jay WenningtonJay Wennington

I have never known how to play it cool. It is not part of my repertoire, not a skill I’ve perfected over the years. I am a chasm of a person. My heart is a giant opening, and if you look, you will see everything I’ve ever been.

I can’t keep my bad, my good, my mediocre hidden for very long. I spill out with secrets and stories. Like the time I lost my virginity and decided I wouldn’t tell my mother for a while — then crawled into her bed two nights later and cried in her arms. Or when I made up a fake boyfriend in middle school in a failed attempt to make my crush jealous. I will tell you it all, probably more than once.

I am a girl who can’t stop talking. Even when she should. My mouth is an Energizer Bunny because…

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