People keep getting married.
I see that more
than divorces
these days
which is a good thing
for now
but time tells this tale.

I wanted to marry you.
Quite badly, in fact.
I wanted to wrap
everything I was
into a life that
was half yours
until eternity ended.

I don’t know why
I remember the sound
of your voice over
any of the other lovers
I’ve had since you

but I suspect it has
something to do with
that bended knee moment
when you said,
“Be my wife.”
Weddings, weddings, everywhere! ❤

A couple clinchers already performed this year, and my cousin got engaged last weekend, so wedding talk is all the rage. Somehow ended up in a conversation with a friend earlier this week regarding our respective past marriage proposals. So inevitably, this poem arrived.

That bit about remembering the sound of his voice came out of nowhere though. But it's true and I believe the sentiment. And it's kind of nice actually. I mean, there's a chance he could pass me on the street now and I wouldn't even notice because paying attention to my surroundings is not my strong suit. But I can just imagine what would happen, if I ever heard him call my name…

For just one second he'd be that guy on bended knee again. Then, of course, I'd kick him. But that's beside the point. 🙂


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