“Because I know
that you like it,”
he says.

“Because I want
to see how far
you’ll let me go.”

“Because you owe
it to me after all
the things I’ve done.”

Did you not
hear me say,
“Stop.” ?
Did I not say,
“Don’t.” ?

You’re not charming.
It’s not cute.
I don’t think it’s sweet.

I may be broken
but god only knows
I am beautiful, too.

I don’t need you
to say so to know
that it’s true.

I can get
the good
all by myself.
In the span of (less than) one day yesterday, I got propositioned to some degree by 3 different men in my life. I know that basically they meant no harm in it but that doesn’t change the fact that my experience and those of many other women are still being discounted, especially by ourselves (because in this very sentence I’m apologizing and making concessions for it!).

I know they think they can get away with it and that it’s fine. They all know better. They should.

It hurts more when a man doesn’t really mean it, when what you really want more than anything right now is to find one who really does.


2 thoughts on “Flirt

  1. I would’ve loved to give you a like but it’s such a sad poem & also a sad back story. Still I’ll live you a like but don’t think it’s because I like what you’re going through right now. It’s a like for the beauty that resulted from your pain. Stay strong. 🙂


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