21st Century Girl

If you consider yourself
to be just like
any other modern
21st century girl
then you are probably
sitting there thinking
you are useless
and unimportant.

That your friends
have accomplished
so much more by noon
than you will for the
balance of the year.

Well, let me tell you:

I used to be you.

I think I’m thinner now
than I was back then.
Certainly more outspoken
(hard to believe that’s possible).
I smoke less cigarettes but
I drink a hell of a lot more.

I’m flabbergasted at what
I let the world turn me into.

I get more done
by noon every day
than most people
will accomplish
this year and do
you know something?

I’m here now.
As I have always been.
I just let everyone else
tell me that what
I contributed wasn’t
that important.

They were wrong.
I know that now.
It took a long time
but I got there and
I promise you will too.


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