The Things We Learn About Life After Being Really, Really Bad At It

Thought Catalog


Over the last twenty-three years life has spoken to me. It has spoken to me through heartache, through hardship, through joy and celebration. Life has taken me by the shoulders, it has shaken me, and it has bellowed into my bones. It has said:

Understand that you will hurt people. You will hurt, and you will be hurt. However, you will also love, and you will be loved in the most magnificent ways. To live life is to understand that together these extremes thrive within you — your heart is both a blessing and a blade. To put your soul into the hands of someone who could wound it or heal it is quite possibly the most courageously beautiful risk you take. It is like looking someone right in the eye and saying “You may hurt me, but you may also love me, and I am willing to take that…

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