I set myself apart
a long time ago.
A defense mechanism
to operate in this world.

I carry a universe
out in front of me.
Holding it gingerly,
alternatively populating
and decimating it
as I see fit.

It is as much a weapon
as it is anything else.
People are wary of it
because who would
do such a careless
thing and what else
might she be capable of?

If I sit cocooned and
protected in the center
of this universe then
that means you exist
in a bubble hanging
precariously off the
edge of it because
no one here is sure
whether or not you
should be allowed in.

I carry this universe
apart from myself
for protection from
people just like you.
It is vast and
it holds every secret
I have ever kept,
every mistake
I have ever made,
every moment I wish
I could have or take back.

I set myself apart.
So long ago I don’t
even remember what
it is like to live in the
world that you inhabit.

Maybe I’m a coward.


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