Life Like This

I can see it now.

6 pack Saturday nights
in downtown Toledo
two blocks from home
and worlds away from
the place you used to sit
dreaming of a life like this.

Open windows and
loud music and
bottles clinking
till you’re thinking
about the trains
that passed your
tower every night
in the land you
used to inhabit.

You don’t waste time
thinking about how
it could all be taken
away from you because
you have already
wasted enough of it
wanting it and
not going out
and getting it.

Walls splashed with color
and days dripping in sweat
the color of sunsets reflected
off the old buildings
across the river
that used to keep you
from finding a way
out of that tower
and into this kingdom
that is as much yours
as that tower used to be.

I can see it now.


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