Here’s How You Forget That You Deserve Love

Thought Catalog

1. You tell yourself you aren’t ready to fall in love right now

At first this is a fair excuse – you want to get your own ducks in a row before you line them up alongside someone else’s. You need to work on yourself and you deserve your own love and attention. This seems healthy. This seems natural. Alone time is good time, right?

2. You decide your own barriers to love

Here’s the problem with too much alone time: It leaves a lot of space to dwell on your flaws. You don’t feel pretty enough, so you stop dressing up. You don’t feel funny enough so you stop going out to parties. You don’t feel confident enough so you hide away inside your apartment and decide that once you’re done the eternal work-in-progress that is you, you will emerge. But a different you. A better you. Not the…

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