Squish letters together
then shove people into
corresponding boxes
to reflect those letters to
keep them accounted for.

Am I getting that right?

Just so
you know
I don’t need
a descriptor
to explain
to myself
I love
in this world.

We do that
for you.

So that you
feel better.

So that you
can attempt
to define
what you
think I am
so that you
can sleep
better at

I have loved hard
and I have loved
wrong and I have
loved badly but
I have loved just
the same as you.

I take comfort
only in the fact
that you have a
box of your own.

We’re just too kind
to break the news.

This is of course not entirely accurate because there are many people in the LGBTQIA spectrum who very much need and appreciate the community within their corresponding letter(s). I’m not trying to take anything away from that. I’m just saying that I feel like I walk around all day with a (B) behind my name, and I don’t need it to know who I am.


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