I want to talk about
beautiful women
and what makes
them that way.

When they
look strong
even though
they feel weak
but they’re
too proud
to admit it.

When they are
too busy being
too busy doing
to pay any mind
to it or what other
people think of it.

I knew a
woman once
who didn’t
even realize
she was going
through life doing
only what she
was told,
making every
expected decision.

And no one
can explain it
but one day
she stopped.

She made
a small choice
for herself and
no one else.

The guilt and
perceived betrayal
that met that small
act of rebellion was
enough to nearly
knock the wind
out of her.

And she thought
what have I done?
How can this be
the wrong choice?
Why is he so
threatened by
a woman who
is aware of her
choices and she
chooses something
else for the first time?

Because if you ask me
that is what makes a
woman beautiful.
The half life on the stomach wrenching guilt complex is decreasing with every passing day. Dance party.


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