The two of us together
can be most easily
compared to the
force of an
atomic bomb.

I have always
known this
about us
and yet went on
loving her anyway.

But I’ve been
standing here
alone in the desert
paying penance for
the damage done
long enough.

I begin to wonder
if there is another
way to love someone.
Another way to
avoid armageddon.

Next time,
could I love her
without taking
the world down
with me?

Could I find
a way to
hold it?

This time,
when the
bomb goes off
I promise
I will throw
myself atop it.

A final penance
for my inability
to love peacefully.

Ish has been so heavy around here lately! I can’t help it – writing poetry about good things is not usually in my nature.

The good news is, there’s lots of good things going on. Happy Friday!


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