Lost Boys

I have had
so many
broken promises
on my doorstep
like orphaned children
that if someone
showed up to
take them all away
I honestly wouldn’t
want to let go.

I mean,
I never wanted
them to begin with
and I don’t have
the resources to
keep them going
but they are all
I have
in this world
and I don’t
know how
to get on
without them.

The red-haired
little one was
a loving creature
who said I could
always be honest
but cried unceasingly
when confronted
with the truth.

The dark-haired
monster was
a forceful thing
who insisted upon
a certain way
in order to give
what he told me
I would get.

The fat one
was faulty
when he arrived
but had the kind of
promise that you
promised yourself
you could uncover;

who made it
more obvious
than any of
the others
that the
broken promise
wasn’t his fault,
but yours.

For not
fast enough.

For not
opening the door
wide enough.

Or for
opening it
too fast
too wide

too gullible)
to deserve
anything else.


2 thoughts on “Lost Boys

    • betsyroses says:

      I remember that one! Funnily enough, this one is almost completely about men I have no romantic relationship with. 🙂 Moral of the story is: all men are jerks. Haha.


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