I wonder where
they put the Lion’s
once they dug them
out of the snow?

Did they bury them
where they stood,
so that people
could pass the spot
on the way toward
another day of number
crunching without
realizing they worked
in a graveyard?

Do you wave a flag
of forward progress
to justify the slaughter?

Can you tell me
when it will end?
Currently reading “Toledo’s Three L’s” about Lamson’s, Lion Store, and Lasalle’s. I have commented for years about how lucky I feel to be a pedestrian. I look up, I see things here that people who are rushing through in cars never notice, and every day I discover more.

I asked my dad just last week where the downtown Lion Store was located, and he said it was where my office now is. Reading this book, I started looking up old pictures on the Library website, and found one of my brand new office building standing right next to the old Lion store. So technically, the building next door is the one they built on a graveyard. But this poem was already formulating in my head, and I’d gone too far.

Paved paradise, and all that… For the record, it was a beautiful building.


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