Just Can’t Help It

They lie

Because they
Don’t want you
To worry

Or because
They do

They want
To be strong

Because they
Are supposed to

But no one
Ever told them
Exactly what
That meant

They need

More than
Any one person
Could ever
Give them and

They blame you
When you can’t
Provide it

Even as you
Tear out your soul
In a vain attempt
To repair their
Broken one

With your own
Spare parts

They don’t
Ever ask where
It comes from

Never would have
Entered their minds

And that’s why
You love them

And you hate them
Oh, sometimes you
Just can’t help it
More often than not the things that you love about a person are exactly the same things that you hate about them. And that’s just the way it is. If you were smarter it would stop you, but you’re not so it never does. People just break your heart. Which is the only way you know you have one.


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