Too much living currently taking place to have any time left over to write poetry about it, so life update time.

I was putting together a bookshelf last night, one eye and ear on the election coverage, although I don’t know why I bothered. Gave up pretty early on, I mean Jurassic Park was on!, but then after a tweet from older sister bemoaning the lack of my election coverage quips, I decided to turn the local news coverage on.

Spent the next 15 minutes trying to decide whether it was better or worse that I didn’t work on a campaign this year. To be perfectly honest, while part of me tries to be optimistic, more often that not I know whether or not my candidate is going to win. And god knows I knew we were going to get slaughtered last night. But I almost feel like it wouldn’t have sucked quite as much if I’d had compatriots to share it with.

Don’t get me wrong, I was SO GLAD not to work a race this year. And after my second sit out, I find myself thinking, “You know, I may never work a campaign AGAIN.” (This is most likely a lie. But I can say that it will be very much a personal choice on my part, and not a resume builder, or because of pressure from anyone).

I had a family dinner Monday night. Tuesday, I finally put together that last bookshelf, which I populated this morning before work. I have a Poetry Sidewalks reception to attend tonight (that one where I got concrete poetry last year? A friend was selected for this second round. So cool!) Tomorrow I might be able to finish organizing everything, and dishes dishes dishes, before the Eastwood Theater Grand Reopening on Friday, a Ukranian event on Saturday and – I don’t know praise god maybe – a lazy Sunday.

I’m waiting for maintenance to come and start moving boxes because god help me, we have to move the office downstairs (and then back up again, but that could be months away. My head hurts just thinking about it). November, aaaaaand December, and probably January are going to be incredibly frustrating months for me on the work front. But finally, after many many MANY years of searching (in all the wrong places, and some of the right ones at the wrong time) I think I have that balance thing on lock. And I’m so happy I could cry. Happy hump day, internet!


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