Modern Fairy Tale

For as long as I have been writing poems, I have been bouncing around ideas for an epic retelling of Humpty Dumpty with a modern twist, because I’ve always thought that was me.

Humpty Dumpty made a mistake. Humpty Dumpty couldn’t catch a break. All of the shrinks and all of the quacks, couldn’t make Humpty shut up and relax.

Time teaches you lessons, and what it taught me is that I am stronger than that, anyhow, and I don’t need anyone else putting me back together every time I fall apart. Which is often. And so hip, don’t you think?

Then I went through a phase where I was convinced I was really Alice reincarnate, perpetually tumbling down the rabbit hole.

But it doesn’t matter which way you go, if you don’t know where you want to get to.

And truth be told, I have always known what I am. But I have a bad habit of surrounding myself with people who think they know, too. And then an even worse habit of not correcting them when they are wrong, until it is too late, and I’ve started to become the worst they’ve ever thought of me.

Yes, I am a princess. No, this is not a fairy tale.

I don’t need, don’t want, a white knight to whisk me away from this tower. Low rent, scenic view, built in dishwasher, free coffee – what more could a princess ask for? There’s a guard dog always posted, and a deadbolt on the door, Ladies in Waiting waiting in the lobby and a magic mirror always retelling the epic poem of my life.

Stop and listen for a minute because you’re always getting it wrong. The story of my life is not the lie you’ve made up in your head.

I am the princess up in the tower.

You are the dragon outside the door.


Obviously working on a theme lately. The Princess layers go back as far as I can remember with more meanings than I could ever explore in one lifetime. Jealousy or confusion can lead you to resent a princess pretty fiercely. Enough that you don’t stop to wonder what it feels like for her up in that tower, misunderstood by everyone who is supposed to love her.


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