At almost exactly this time last year, Uncle Al died. And a few days prior to that, his mother-in-law died. My Uncle was definitely not the funeral hoopla type, so being able to go the funeral for his mil was really cathartic for me.

I am not the sort to need to declare my personal pain when tragedy strikes all over the internet. Except in poetry form, of course. One of the stalwarts of the neighborhood died this week after a long health struggle, and we’re going to the wake later today. And then I found out yesterday that a dear man I know died in his sleep yesterday.

I won’t pretend we were close. I won’t hold my pain at his loss up against those who have known him better, longer and deeper. But he was a better man to me than was required, at a time when he didn’t need to give me anything at all, and I always appreciated it more than I could ever say, although I tried.

When I saw him in June, as has thankfully been the case lately with people that I lose, I hugged him. I told him I loved him. And he told me he loved me. And I will cherish his care and his complicated way of being so easy to know. Rest in peace, Judy and Paulie. I am grateful for your rest. 


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