So that’s it.

The warning shot
has been fired.
The line in the sand
has been drawn.

And now everyone
turns their eyes to me.
To see what I’ll do.
To check my intentions.

Call me a coward or
call me lazy just don’t
call me a soldier in this
war that never ends.

My promising future
seems like no more
than a nightmare now
and I’m contented to
watch from the sidelines.

So that’s it.

And I’m left wondering
how I am supposed to feel.
Wondering if I’m doing my
supposed future a disservice
by walking away without
a backward glance.

But that’s it.
I am done.
I am so done.

I feel like a coward
and I feel kind of lazy
but it’s nothing compared
to the relief I feel to not
have to take up arms in
this war that never ends.
That time when you decide not to run for public office like you’d always assumed you would (along with everyone else) and then someone else announces their intention to run and you’re like, “Oh. So this is what it feels like to have absolutely no idea what to do with the rest of forever,” when a metaphorical page turn becomes a literal one.


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