If you had asked
I would have insisted
I’d never go out like this
but it’s not because
I’m too prideful to fail
it’s because I honestly
never think that far ahead.

I do what I have to
when I have to do it
and I don’t leave room
for making plans for later
which is why I’m failing
to fix all this now.

But I know with a certainty
I can’t quite place
that this is the right move
because by some miracle
I don’t feel guilty
about standing up
for me for once
regardless of the disaster
I leave in my wake.

It’s an odd sensation
and one I don’t hope
to repeat in the future.

I won’t let it happen again.
Not because I’m too smart
or too determined
or because I have it
all figured out.

But because I’m thinking
that far ahead now and
I think I’m done
doing what needs to be done
just because someone has to.
3 cheers for making the selfish, right call for me. One organization down.


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