Everything ended
when winter began
and I consciously
gave myself the right
to hibernate and get
a chance to put myself
back together because
this spring was always
going to be new, more
welcome than any other,
and I wanted to be ready.

And I am ready.

My mind is still swimming
with every warm greeting
heralding this second chance
and my head still aches from
the Saturday morning hangover
and my feet still hurt from the
Saturday night heel / stocking
combination that sparked an
internet sensation and my
wrist still aches from
uncorking all those
wine bottles on Sunday.

And I could call it a fluke
except the calendar is alive
with moments and the
time for regenerating is
decidedly over, my friends.

And I am ready.
A couple of things: big ups to my liver for doing the best it could this weekend, I appreciate the effort. Just remember, its a marathon, not a sprint. Also I have to give a shout out to all my friends, who I seem to forget about every winter, but are always so gracious and happy to see me and bring me into the light, if you will, when I decide to come out of hiding. This weekend marked another year without Misi but we gave him a toast on Sunday and I know he appreciated it.

I am still sick, I am EXHAUSTED, I’m a little bit terrified about all the things I have planned for myself in the next few months but damn if I don’t feel like I just came out of a cave after years in misunderstood, occasionally deceitful darkness. What’s up with YOU? 😉


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