Whether as an outcome
of a proper upbringing
or a tendency to never
reach my full potential
I’ve never been
a sufficient screamer.

You know how those feel?

A rumble tumbling
in your stomach until
it gathers enough
momentum to shoot
up your windpipe and
escape in a glorious
burst of anger
or resentment
or whatever emotion
you were attempting
to evoke?

And it might terrify you,
or any small animals that
happen to be nearby but
in the end, you feel better.

What do you do, then,
when all you want is to
lock yourself behind a
door and let out a blood-
curdle that would do
any banshee proud,
but something has
taken your voice away?

Where do you place
the parts of yourself
that want nothing
more than to let go and
allow all your frustrations,
misgivings and fears to
escape and dissipate
into the air around you?

How can you go on
another minute with
all that screaming
never ceasing
inside your head?


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