Sad Strange

Sometimes you’re there again
in my face as if you never left it
and I want to be angry that you
can casually turn up and set
everything to upheaval and then
drift away again so swiftly I stand
here wondering whether you were really
here at all at first or at the last.
There was a point in my life where I made handfuls of new friends at a time. Then an extended period where I didn’t make any and that was fine because I liked my friends. Then over the course of a couple of years, they all drifted away from me. Be it distance or (in some cases) argument, or just the fact that that sometimes happens…

I often tell myself it’s time to make new friends. But then I think about how much I miss them when they are gone and I think it’s better to stay up here in my tower without anyone to keep or to lose.


One thought on “Sad Strange

  1. It’s strange when you realise someone who was once a constant presence in your life has been gone for some time. Life is funny in finding ways to set people on different courses without them even realising it.


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