It comes back
so quickly

the inner dialogue
argument over
whether this is
wasted time or
precious time
in turn

the locked tension
in the back of my neck
from bending over
a book too long
is familiar but
it brought along
a few new friends

my carpal tunnel suffers
because this book is huge
and my hand doesn’t remember
how to wrap itself around it

my eyesight has been
fuzzy for days because
I can’t sit and read
in the half darkness

It comes back
so quickly

the need to stop everything
and pick up a book
even if I’ve read this one
half a dozen times before

it may be wasted
but that doesn’t mean
it isn’t precious time

and I have
so much of it
to make up for.
I didn’t make an active choice to read more this year. It just sort of happened naturally. I was just saying to my cousin last night that while I (and I assume others) consider me a well-read person, it’s been too long since I really devoted myself to reading. I’m in the middle of book 5 for the year, so far. Who cares that it’s a series I’ve read at least 3 times already? 😉


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