Destiny Got the Best of Me

I woke up
dreaming about
my engagement ring

still locked in that
bottom drawer

and destiny
got the best of me
so I pulled it out
and put it on

it still feels weighty
sodden by
broken promises and
years unspent

someday I will
throw out your letters
delete your messages
throw that ring
in the trash
where it belongs

I don’t remember you
fondly but I do remember
the feel of your eyes on me

so that ring will stay
in the long-forgotten
bottom drawer for
a little while longer
at least

a talisman
against those
who seek to
do me harm

I never would
have believed
that circle of gold
would some day
bring me comfort

but it helps to know
that all things fade
into the background
in due time
1. Why in god’s name am I still dreaming about my ex-fiancee? 2. Why in god’s name do I still have my engagement ring? 3. What in god’s name possessed me to put it on yesterday? >shivers<


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