Just That Way

It is a frightening thing about life that a great presence becomes a huge absence and somehow you go on.

That is the most amazing thing of all about life: you go on.

My queen. ❤

Thought Catalog

I was once watching CSPAN, and there was a panel about the prospects for peace in the Middle East. It is hard to imagine how anyone could have anything interesting to say about this tired topic, but there was a man who had one smart, original thought after another — not just about Arabs and Israelis, but about life itself — and he was also shockingly handsome. I could not forget him, because he was what people mean by unforgettable. Several years later, I was at Yale Law School, with nothing to do in New Haven at age 39, and I found out that he was a visiting professor that year at another part of the university. All of a sudden, life made sense: I emailed him, we had dinner that night at a Cuban restaurant with a name that had something to do with the sun, which was perfect…

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