You’re Wrong

I don’t want my pity
for other people’s emptiness
to be the main reason why
I’m standing here solidly
(grateful beyond measure)
for all the things
your love provides me
so please have faith
that I mean it now as much
as I always do but I can’t help
being glad for all the trouble
we’ve caused each other
over the years because if it
were easy it wouldn’t seem
as worth it as it does now,
knowing we’ve got what
everyone else wants
but laughing nervously
through our joy because
sometimes we wish we had
what everyone seems to think we do
even though we’re used to being jealous
of what everyone else has not knowing
that they don’t have what we think.

But if it were easy everyone would do it
and if it were simple everyone would have it

and I don’t want my pity for
everyone else’s emptiness
to be the reason I’m standing here
solid as you taught me
by not pretending that
every moment is perfect
and that every step
will be easy
but by holding my hand
and smiling at me slyly
like we’ve got a secret and
it will sustain us through
whatever life brings.


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