Reality bites…

As far back as I can remember there have been a handful of things that bother me to no end and that I have no tolerance for.

Time passing and you allowing it not to change you is the top thing on that list. Time passing inevitably means that things are happening to you and if you don’t learn anything from those things or allow them to shape the way you attempt to conquer the next thing, well – then you are doing life wrong. Your attitude toward life is a cancer I won’t allow into mine and I spend a few moments feeling sorry for you, it’s true, but move directly into annoyance and dismissal because there isn’t a single thing, no matter how minute, that can happen to me in the course of a day that doesn’t in some way change the course of it.

I win. And I don’t have time for you. Have a nice existence. I’d love to say “Have a nice life,” but you’re not living. So get out of my way. I’ve got a lot of livin’ to do…


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