I tell them that
I’ve had too much
they tell me that
I’m right

They tell me that
I should take a break
take it slow
take it one moment
at a time

but then
they take everything
I have and say
oh – sorry –
we meant something else

I tell him that
I’ve had enough
he tells me that
I’m right

He tells me that
I should take a breath
take more than I give
take this moment
and forget the rest

but then
he takes my breath away
and apologizes even though
I’m not sorry –
it means more to me
to mean something

I tell myself that
I’ve had it rough
I tell myself
I can’t change

I tell myself that
I should take the beatings
because they’re what
I deserve anyway

but then
I take in everything I can
without seeming selfish
without saying sorry
I mean to mean something


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