Throwback Thursday: Since You Did

All I said was
Please don’t

And even that
simple request
just couldn’t
be upheld.

All right then.
This could be
so much worse.
Some people are
worth letting go
no matter how much
it hurts at the time
and even though
all I said was

Please don’t

I guess that request
was too much to ask

Life moved on
as it tends to do
and I don’t forget

After all
the only thing
I was said

Please don’t

But you did anyway

I get the feeling
even you are
wondering how
things would have
ended up

if you hadn’t
when I said don’t

I could say
Maybe better
But all I said was

Please don’t

Imagine the shock waves
those words have created

Because since you did
you don’t seem happier
than you did during
the days when you
only wondered how
great it could be
if you did
even when I said don’t

All I said was

Please don’t

I hope you’re happy
with the choices
you’ve made because
I want you to know
I’m happy with mine
even though
you did
when I said don’t

Because if you had said don’t
I wouldn’t have

And that’s the difference between us.
My best friend stood up and walked out on his stupid poopy head boyfriend this week. So I read him this while we sat at my kitchen table writing poetry together. Happy Thursday.


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