I lead a sad little life
because people won’t
give up ownership
of every second of it
regardless of how
small it is and I can
feel myself pushing,
straining against the
bonds that have tied
me always because
what has this sad little
life given me except
the chance to make
everyone else’s easier
and let me tell you,
you won’t ever catch me
saying “Damnit, when
is it going to be my turn?”
I’m just going to pull
loose these ties and
go on a worldwide
disappointment tour.
Because it’s too hard,
too much, to be everything
to everyone and no matter
how hard I try it will never
be enough so I am done.

Take my word for it,
there’s pleasure to be had
in doing for yourself.

At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
I’ve been living everyone else’s
lives so long I don’t even recognize
my own reflection in the mirror.



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