Throwback Thursday: My All Time Favorite Wicked Cocktail

the wicked cocktail
of dinner and Darvicet
the headache from hell

two weeks in bed
four weeks in the dark

and i can’t hear
and i can’t see
but i can’t
seem to care

give me a little glory
because i’m a survivor
and the haze just
won’t lift

the headache
from hell:

my all time favorite
wicked cocktail.
Perfect timing for this Throwback Thursday, as today marks the 11th anniversary of my brain surgery. I wrote this one on the way from University of Cleveland hospital after my final follow-up appointment post-surgery. I lost so many of the memories of the year or so prior to the surgery, and soon after this poem was written I finally started to come out of the fog. I was just talking to my best friend last night about the missing pieces of my life at that point, and told him that thanks to the (albeit intermittent) poetry I wrote at the time, I have somewhere to go to remember those days. Although I wouldn’t wish the state on anyone, even I have to admit that was a good time in my life to forget.

Happy birthday, titanium in my head. My loose screws and I have made it another year.


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