Throwback Thursday: The White Walls

I’m trying so damn hard
not to seem lost
when I really don’t
know my way.

I’m reaching out
but I don’t know
what for when
all I really want
is to be left alone,
not inflict this thing
on anyone else.

I’d sit in the corner
stare at the
white walls
and dream of
what life is like
for other people
luckier people.

The people who
have the answers
I didn’t realize
I’ve been looking for
all my life.

I’ll tell you
all I want is
to be left alone
but by who?
The voices in my head
or you?

No matter how
often I say it,
try your hardest,
if you can
stomach it –
to always leave
one eye on me,
one hand on
my shoulder,
and your thoughts
on a way out
of this mess.


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