Throwback Thursday: Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder
if she knows how
strong she is,
considering how
weak she seems.

Sometimes I wonder
how I could show her
how beautiful she is,
discounting the demons
invading inside her.

Sometimes I wonder
if I should let her
in on the secret,
knowing how it
makes me smile.

Sometimes I wonder
when all will be well,
when love will
conquer all.

I want to run
my fingers through
her hair and memorize
the truth in her eyes.

Her smile gives up
things she’s not telling
but I’ve never
worried about that.

I want to wrap myself
around her and forget
the world outside;
let the night unfold.

Sometimes I wonder
if this dream is
really real,
considering how
amazing it is.

I tell myself
that this
will never end,
and when she
takes my hand
I believe it.
~Spring 2001

I loved a girl once who had hair the color of gold. Or, to be more accurate, she loved me once, and I’ll never stop. ❤


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