I promised I wouldn’t
shut my eyes but
I never said I wouldn’t
cut off your circulation
clinging to you
as I had
for so long
in a time long ago
when you were the
only person I had in a
world full of people
far too involved in the
places they were going
and how they were
going to get there.

I promised you I wouldn’t
shut my eyes when you
took me where I needed
to go for once and when we
got there you took my hand
and smiled and I realized
that where you thought
I needed to go turned out
to be where I’d been.

I know you didn’t mean to do it
but taking me to places where
I’ve already been only serves
to remind me of all the things
I couldn’t keep and I don’t
want to go there anymore.

You shut your eyes and fell asleep
on your living room floor and I
shut the door quietly behind me
because if where you want to stay
is where we’ve already been I
don’t want to disturb your ride.


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